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Isaac Maluki has extensive international experience in Investments, Finance, ICT and Garment Manufacturing. He has built Shona EPZ Limited as a garment manufacturer for clients in Europe and North America through the AGOA initiative.

Isaac Maluki

Factory Manager

With her business management experience and as a factory manager, Eunice has the capacity to handle both local and international orders with an emphasis of quality production.

Eunice Mutisya

Human Resource Manager

Joseph Kyalo, has over 17 years in the Human Resources Department in the garment industry where he managed over 6,700 employees in one factory. He also doubles as a Production Expert and is able guide the Production Team to increase their productivity as he encourages the workers to own the business. With Joseph, employee turnover is at a minimum as required by the international standards. He brings great expertise on social compliance in Shona EPZ Limited.

Joseph Kyalo

Logistic Officer & Accounting

He coordinates the import & export of the goods in the company and as well as the accounting in the factory.

Fredrick Kilungya

Production Manager

Rama Tumbo has over 10 years experience as a Production Manager. This experience was evident when production at Shona EPZ Limited greatly improved. As an experienced Tailor, Rama has been a guide to both new and experienced Tailors on best practices to follow regarding all our international and local orders.

Rama Tumbo

Technical Manager

John Mwendwa comes with 12 years of Technical Expertise and is able to set production lines as well as fix machines to a level where proper production is achieved. John's skill is evident in how he sets up production lines and trains workers to handle both simple and delicate production processes. Our increased orders are evident that our clients are content with our quality as directed by John

John Mwendwa

Human Resource/Clerk

Rabecca Mwende has 4 years experience in Payroll Management in the garment industry and has managed the Payroll and Attendance System for Shona EPZ Limited at accurate levels. She has experience in handling employee queries on a daily basis and updating over 300 employee timelines accurately.

Rebecca Mwende

Reports & Merchandizing

Hilda Owuor joined Shona EPZ Limited on 2 nd July 2018 as a Merchandiser as well as handling reports.

Hilda Owour

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Annual Production Capacity Knitwear 3,931,200+ pieces, Annual Production Capacity Safety PPE Suits 6,240,000+ Pieces, Annual Production of Face Masks 62,400,000+ Pieces

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